Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking at someone else's life

In an age of internet communication and text messaginge etc, we have become a Planet of voyers. I am on Facebook and Twitter and started because it is supposed to be great to get your business name out there. Advertising is an expensive endeavor, so anything free or cheap is a great thing. Since I have been on Twitter, I have dealt with Hot Babes interested in me and Penile implants and more Penis stuff than I care to know about. I have found out that people I have on facebook, eat dim sung for lunch and McDonalds for dinner and go to bed late. I know what they are reading, listening too and watching on TV. I know one has herpes, another is pregnant and yet another has stomach ulcers. I am soooo tempted to write that I just had a bowel movement, does anyone care????? But I am sure someone would. I guess I thought it would be more of a vehicle to interact with other people, I guess I was mistaken. A comedian made a comment about the fact that, now adays we sit in a cafe across from one person and talk to people on the other side of the World. I know I have seen a number of people in Cafes not talking to each other but on the phone with someone else??? People TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES.....let's talk!!!!! I have a vibrate on my phone, I use it!!!!! Does anyone realize how rude it is to sit in a group of people and talk to someone else??? Excuse yourself and go outside.....I really don't want to stop talking to friends I am with so you can hear your phone....I also do not want to hear your conversation. We need to learn phone ettiquette. I understand there are situations like kids, Drs and husbands but really. I took the train from Chicago to the Airport and had to listen to Keneesha on her holla phone talking about some Ho that has a crappy body and shouldn't make no money and on and on and on for the WHOLE trip. I was a seat behind her and meanwhile someone else was calling and she kept telling them she will arrive in 5 min. she was in Chicago???? I pity the poor woman next to her. I don't want to hear her or anybody elses conversation. I don't need to know what you ate on Facebook...I want to have a conversation with a person, a real person that when I say, "how are you?" I mean it and will listen to the answer The picture of the statue is on top of MSOE, they are from a German artist that is depicting Men working. I think this one is watching us!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

I too am tired of the one side conversations I hear on a day to day basis. I especially do not like to hear these conversations while I am in the bathroom at work!

Annie said...

OH MY GOD! I thought you would keep my herpes infestation to yourself! I only told you and the internets, it was a secret!

Seriously, who shares that? Nice for an employer to see. Also, I could never see that person in public again becuase every single fidget I would think "Those herpes must be flaring up. Wow I bet she would rather ditch this and go climb some pine trees or something to scratch. Wow, I wonder if I can lysol that seat when they leave...." And I don't even know if herpes itch, but they SOUND itchy.

There is sharing and then there is oversharing.... I do also overshare, but usually not about my hoo-ha-ular happenings.

I like to keep in mind that 1. my mother is on facebook and reads everything I say and we do not dicuss private things (or anything HA!) and 2. I don't want people thinking about my crotch. Now stop it! Stop thinking about it!