Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pluffy Phlucket or something like that

Tomorrow I will be leaving to go to Pluffy Plucket or aka Lexi Boerger spinning class. Lexi spins anything she can put her hands on, newspaper, fabric, and so much more. We are staying at the Essex hotel and I am going with my SIL, Cheryl, she is going to do some sight seeing stuff and I am going to school. Saturday the shop will be open Lois is going to be here. Saturday evening we are going to dinner at Jakes on Halstead and then to see Blue Man group, we are in the poncho seats so this should be interesting!!!!! It is so fun to get away and then you appreciate home so much more. I love being home, all my toys are here, who would want to leave? Tomorrow on our way down we are going to stop at an old Pizzaria where right across the street, in a garage was the St.Valentines day massacre....just thought I'd let you know. LOL
So I got the shot in my foot for planter is soooooo much better but I tend to still baby it because I don't want it to hurt. I bought a new pair of shoes today.....supposedly they are the best for bad feet. They cost almost as much as my car but if they keep me from having sore feet, they are worth every penny. They are rocker shoes, and I am not wearing them till I come home because they supposedly work your whole body. They make you walk straighter and become thin and your blood pressure goes down and just kidding. So if you come into the shop and I am laying on the floor exhasted you know I have been wearing my new workout shoes...Have a great weekend!!!

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