Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Broken Glass

I am not a fan of broken glass/mirror, anything that slices through skin. The mirror broke in the shop and I needed to get it safely into the trash. I put some of the pieces into the garbage full well being aware it is in there. I carefully removed the mirror from it's resting spot all the rest of the pieces hanging on with a thread of hope. All is well I am loaded into the car to make the 50 ft. trek to the dumpster. I get the large mirror into the dumpster and pick up the plastic trash bag with pieces of broken mirror poking through the bag and being very careful, not to touch that spot, walk over the dumpster like I am carrying nitro glycerin bottles. I push open the lid of the dumpster and toss the bag into the trash but it teeters precariously on the edge so without thinking without a blink, I push it into the trash.....I know I cut myself, I can feel the artery gushing blood and I am afraid to look. It doesn't hurt but clean cuts don't. I feel woozy and can see the world spinning as I want to assess the cut that I must have on my hand. I am thinking where there is a clean rag to wrap my hand in .....I can feel the warm blood ........Ok, way to much drama, I got one of those paper like cuts that hurts like a son of a gun it is about 1/2" long......I hate glass.

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Bonnie said...

I am sooooo sorry