Friday, July 10, 2009

All good things must end

Last night was the last night of Book Club, we will never know what trials Martha was to endure or if Sandra would ever get over the lose of her husband. We started out strong, but try as we might, it is hard to hold the attention of several woman in a room full of fiber and knitting needles and be quiet. Our attention was limited, plus add the antics of a Westie Puppy not to mention his flautulance, that near killed us and brought us to giggles. We lost some and gained some but we always ate well thanks to Patty and her baking expertese. Due to lack of interest, Book Club has folded. Closing the book on "Knitting" I know the ending and it does seem like the unending book, it was a really a good read. Thanks to all that participated, it was fun. We finished the last night with a hamburger at Sobelmans on St. Paul ave. and Struesel cupcakes!!! If you came late you missed out....sorry!!! Iggy even had a little burger. Tomorrow is Passport Saturday, be sure and bring in your flowers to get a stamp and pick up the new yarn for the beret.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy!!! Good stuff Jan.