Sunday, July 19, 2009

Begere du France is here

As a shop owner, there has been little to make me go wooooowwww!!! I am so impressed with the new Company Begere du France. Their magazine/booklet is stuffed full of wonderful patterns for woman, men and children. Good patterns, to the point where I have 6 earmarked for doing. They're patterns that are for normal/average shaped woman. I am so excited to shove this book under someones nose and when they open the first page they go ahhhhhhh. Mission Accomplished, share the joy. I am not too thrilled with alot of thier yarns, it is lots of acrylic, but I am carrying their Superwash DK weight for some of the projects. One of the clever things they have done is put actual samples of the yarns on the inside pages, not photos but samples. You can see what you could substitute for the acrylics in natural fibers. You know how much I love natural fibers. They put this book out once a year and it is well worth it and sells for $15.00 which is inexpensive considering there are more than just one patterns you will love to I said it had me at hello!!!!!!

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Save me one:)