Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Fourth of July******

That Iris is sticking it's tongue out at us!!!!
It's here the beginning of Summer, it is a beautiful day today and as far as I am concerned, it can stay this way. Problem is if it does we won't get any tomatoes or veggies? Ok we can have some warm days, as long as I can stay inside!!!! We had Village Spinning guild meeting last night and we showed off our Spin a PIcture yarn, each one was so great and looked just like the photos. We really have a good group. Not too much news here, I have some new yarns in, and they are selling good already. When will Michael Jackson actually die??? Sorry fans, but I am sick of Wacko Jacko....I like his music but he still was never aquitted of molestation he settled with a money agreement???? That is unacceptable. But let it go, we will be hearing about this and his idiot father for what will seem like forever. He is not the only person that had a bad child can't count how many adults have had horrible childhoods, yet they are not millionaires either. There were lots of child actors that lost thier youth to television, get over it. Ok my rant is done....I am now going to have a cup of coffee and relax!!! Don't forget to thank a Veteran for our freedom!!!!

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