Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting it right

From Anderson Cooper to Whoopi Goldberg, people are really tired of being misquoted or construed.  The "Oh I heard you said this or that or they said this or that"  Unless you hear the whole story and don't take it out of context, you can hurt someone with what you repeat.  We as a whole have gotten so rude and mean, but think nothing of it.  Politicians are setting horrible examples of this, quoting one part of a previous speech and playing it over and over and over, and when you hear the whole speech in context it is nothing like what the competition is quoting.  What does this accomplish, or better yet this is why we ALL need to do our own research.  There is a rare quality called honesty, you can find it but it is hard to recognize under all of the lies and embellishing.  We all sensationalize when telling a story but that is just a few adverbs, and doesn't hurt anyone, it just makes things more colorful.
Being honest has it's cost too, the dreaded "how does this look?"  uhhh, remember you can always say, "It is you!"  try to be positive in your critique, regardless, don't lie but search for the right words, it is OK to stop and think about an answer.  Be nice, if someone shows you their knitting, your first judgement might be....ew that is one ugly color arrangement or weird pattern, but look past "what you like"  it isn't yours anyway, you will not be wearing it, so look at how beautifully it is knit and comment on the good stuff.  If we would all encourage one another instead of looking for fault, we would all walk a little taller.  And quit pulling one sentence out of context and passing that crap along, we all have enough to deal with on a regular basis.
@: Overcoming negative tendencies and enhancing positive potential are the very essence of the spiritual path.” 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is a site called Kickstart.  What Kickstart does is help support small business ventures trying to break into the world of business's.  One of the ideas for instance is those darn Joulie coffee temperature beans.  I have been stalking them with great interest.  You place these Stainless steel coffee beans about he size of a small cookie (large enough not to swallow)  into your coffee cup when you pour in the hot coffee and it cools the coffee to drinking temp, then when the coffee starts to cool it emits stored heat to keep the coffee at the same temp.  I think it is a great idea, I love coffee and I drink it rather cool, than some with asbestos mouth.  They do say to keep the coffee at it's ultimate best you should drink out of a stainless steel covered mug.  That was the deciding factor, I love my coffee out of my special pottery mug, my special mug is whichever one I pick for the day.  So anyway the idea is if I like this Idea, I can send some money as starter money to help fund their start up.  They do need seed money and I know this, so that is not the problem, you get something in return on this venture, for the most part.  In this case you get a bag or 5 beans for $50.00 investment.  The problem I do have is, there is an Artist that wants to move into a new studio and is looking for funding?  This artist has a history of not having any money but does workshops all around the World and not for free, has written a book and more.   They are self exclaimed partiers?  So I am all for helping feed someone, shelter someone, give them some livestock, but a new studio?  I am thinking how I can work this angle.  Hhhmmm  I need a new place to do my work, how about you send me money to help support my move and buy me a new place.  There is just something wrong with that, in my ethic code, that is.  But people are sending money to this Artist, some people are blinded by the celebrity to notice that some things are just not right.  I guess this Artist is a  smart cookie for doing this.  I think seed monies should be sent to start up business's and yes you can lose your investment nothing is  a sure thing, but better I drink hot coffee, because they couldn't get the whole funding, but are trying a new venture than funding a constantly misfunded endeavor.  Bernie would be proud.   We all can decide where our money goes and it is an individuals decision, but, seriously?

Monday, April 25, 2011

British words

Mel B from the Spice girls is on Regis (whom I really don't care for), but I am doing computer stuff so it is backround sound.  It is so fun to listen to British sayings, she said about Lindsey Lohan, she may need to get banged up (put in jail) just cracks me up.  That I watched all of Doc Martin didn't hurt either.  It takes me a while to get into their accent but once I do, it is just fun.  Buggers?  not to be confused with boogers.  Listen to some of the sayings they are hysterical.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the craving!!

The power of suggestion is such a strong one and I get suckered in on many occasions.  My brother and I were talking about oysters.  He had watched a cooking show and the Southern woman was cooking fried oysters to put in a Po boy sandwich.  He went shopping and $40 later he made two very good sandwiches but not that good.  I didn't get to taste them but he said the woman's  cooking looked much better.  Today I decided after a long workshop weekend with Jacey Boggs which I will blog later, I decided to do minimal running today.  What prompted this running to Outpost was deodorant, Jacey smelled like Nag Champa, she is too young to know what a great Hippy smell that was, right up there with Patchoulli   mmmmmm , I kept smelling it, to the point of her, (and she is very approachable and down to earth) whips up her armpit and says "is it this?".  Why I think it is?  as I grab her beautifully tattoo embellished arm and sniff, yes sniff near her armpit!  Well by Gawd I think it is?  So she showed me the deodorant bottle, an organic roll on.  She prefaced it with, it is very expensive...but if it works and it is natural I am okay with that.  So on my run for deodorant which I did not find and had to order online, I went to the City Market.  I have not been there since it probably opened, how nice it is.  You park for free and hey they have Fried Oyster Po Boys....I am there about 10:30 and they are not open for lunch yet but the guy takes my order, I call my brother who works downtown and tell him I am bringing him Fried Oyster po boy...he is salivating as am I!  I found the best peanut butter chunk cookies at the bakery down there, they have a sample tray and I should say "had"  I did a few walk bys.  I had a cup of coffee and waited, I did buy bread, that was still warm....OMG!  I went to the Cheese Market but was being blocked by two woman that kept stepping in front of the cart and I just could not get away from them and knowing how crabby I am today I wanted to ram them with my cart and tell them get the hell out of the middle of the aisle.  I left that area.  I went an picked up my Po boy order, and left, I drove to where my brother was working, and dropped off his sandwich, we were both smiling like cheshire cats.  I am two blocks away and the phone rings, I am thinking he was overcome with glee at the wonderful sandwich...but.....I answer to _uck em shuck em...we got Shrimp not oysters!  What?  are you kidding me?  he says check yours so as I am driving, I look and I should have said nope mine is oyster but I was so disappointed I said "mine too"  Even though it was good, it was not fried oysters....I am staying home and napping before I kill something, or someone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robbed/Stolen or just plain thieved

As many others I am not a person that has a huge savings account.  Try as I might through the years, I am unable to keep money in an account without the back of my head have $$$  at the bank.   I also imagine what I could buy with the money and spend it over and over again.  While I was working my regular job, I had a bank account with my Credit Union, I had $5.00 taken every week out of my account so I would consider it my Christmas Account.  When I retired I realized money was not going to be added but that was OK, it was a little nest egg and really it wasn't much money a little over $300, so it wasn't burning a hole in my pocket to spend it.  I watched the statements for 4 months to make sure they didn't take money out for non use.  I watched and nothing was taken out, I felt secure that I had me a little extra cushion in case I needed it.  Not so....I have been retired for 5 years and this Spring has just been a tight one, seems all my insurances are due and blah blah repairs, my pseudo heart attack, glasses.   I went to draw my money out and actually maybe put it somewhere closer to home.  I stood at the window and the woman says $175.00, I swallowed hard....swallowed hard again and asked what happened to the rest of my money?  Inactivity!  hhhmmm Inactivity?  I have my mortgage at this Credit Union, if I had the time and effort and the money I would refinance.  Yes it is my fault once again in handling my finances for not watching the statements that come each month.  I have come to a new conclusion, spend the stuff, just go and throw it away on any crap you want because if YOU don't some bank or man will come along and do it for you.  I am just thankful that I didn't get a bill from the bank saying that I owe them.  I am holding tight onto my $175.  and no I am not buying lunch...LOL

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sticker Shock

Yesterday was Money Monday.  That is where I do all of my errands and spend all my money.  I went to a couple of quilt shops in search for some cool fabric for Iggy Pops, little bags I am making that are selling quite well for yarners or someone just browsing.  Just as a beginning knitter goes into a good yarn shop, my eyes got really wide looking at the prices of fabric.  Now in my defense the fabric I was looking at came from Japan and was stunning.  I envisioned beautiful tops made from the fabric and would consider it, if I had a pattern I really wanted to make.  I love linen fabric and let's just say, I may start sewing some tops once again.  Now back to the bags, I will not be using expensive fabric from Japan unless it is a scrap...sorry!  I did find some really cool fabric though on my hunt.  I was almost seduced into wanting to quilt again, the slow simmering seed has been planted.  I am fighting the urge to just get sucked in.....I have all of the equipment...I saw a beautiful silk quilt that was drawing me in, still in my head...the colors swimming about.....then the reality of Iggy laying on 100% silk, or a drip of condensation from a cup, dripping on the quilt, made me realize I need something more substantial for my home.  I am one of those people that use my stuff, I am not going to make something and store it in a closet...I don't have closets so it is on my couch with the beautiful afghan I wove from Mountain colors Mohair and Wool that darling Iggy has claimed as his comfy blanket, not that he ruined it or has destroyed it but a bad choice of fibers is Mohair, rub it a few times and you have felt.  So today I will be creating!