Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robbed/Stolen or just plain thieved

As many others I am not a person that has a huge savings account.  Try as I might through the years, I am unable to keep money in an account without the back of my head have $$$  at the bank.   I also imagine what I could buy with the money and spend it over and over again.  While I was working my regular job, I had a bank account with my Credit Union, I had $5.00 taken every week out of my account so I would consider it my Christmas Account.  When I retired I realized money was not going to be added but that was OK, it was a little nest egg and really it wasn't much money a little over $300, so it wasn't burning a hole in my pocket to spend it.  I watched the statements for 4 months to make sure they didn't take money out for non use.  I watched and nothing was taken out, I felt secure that I had me a little extra cushion in case I needed it.  Not so....I have been retired for 5 years and this Spring has just been a tight one, seems all my insurances are due and blah blah repairs, my pseudo heart attack, glasses.   I went to draw my money out and actually maybe put it somewhere closer to home.  I stood at the window and the woman says $175.00, I swallowed hard....swallowed hard again and asked what happened to the rest of my money?  Inactivity!  hhhmmm Inactivity?  I have my mortgage at this Credit Union, if I had the time and effort and the money I would refinance.  Yes it is my fault once again in handling my finances for not watching the statements that come each month.  I have come to a new conclusion, spend the stuff, just go and throw it away on any crap you want because if YOU don't some bank or man will come along and do it for you.  I am just thankful that I didn't get a bill from the bank saying that I owe them.  I am holding tight onto my $175.  and no I am not buying lunch...LOL

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