Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is a site called Kickstart.  What Kickstart does is help support small business ventures trying to break into the world of business's.  One of the ideas for instance is those darn Joulie coffee temperature beans.  I have been stalking them with great interest.  You place these Stainless steel coffee beans about he size of a small cookie (large enough not to swallow)  into your coffee cup when you pour in the hot coffee and it cools the coffee to drinking temp, then when the coffee starts to cool it emits stored heat to keep the coffee at the same temp.  I think it is a great idea, I love coffee and I drink it rather cool, than some with asbestos mouth.  They do say to keep the coffee at it's ultimate best you should drink out of a stainless steel covered mug.  That was the deciding factor, I love my coffee out of my special pottery mug, my special mug is whichever one I pick for the day.  So anyway the idea is if I like this Idea, I can send some money as starter money to help fund their start up.  They do need seed money and I know this, so that is not the problem, you get something in return on this venture, for the most part.  In this case you get a bag or 5 beans for $50.00 investment.  The problem I do have is, there is an Artist that wants to move into a new studio and is looking for funding?  This artist has a history of not having any money but does workshops all around the World and not for free, has written a book and more.   They are self exclaimed partiers?  So I am all for helping feed someone, shelter someone, give them some livestock, but a new studio?  I am thinking how I can work this angle.  Hhhmmm  I need a new place to do my work, how about you send me money to help support my move and buy me a new place.  There is just something wrong with that, in my ethic code, that is.  But people are sending money to this Artist, some people are blinded by the celebrity to notice that some things are just not right.  I guess this Artist is a  smart cookie for doing this.  I think seed monies should be sent to start up business's and yes you can lose your investment nothing is  a sure thing, but better I drink hot coffee, because they couldn't get the whole funding, but are trying a new venture than funding a constantly misfunded endeavor.  Bernie would be proud.   We all can decide where our money goes and it is an individuals decision, but, seriously?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad i'm not the only person annoyed by this situation. She was able to afford that big ol' property in the first place so it's not as tho she's short on cash.

She's gotten a ton of donations already and it just irks me.