Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sticker Shock

Yesterday was Money Monday.  That is where I do all of my errands and spend all my money.  I went to a couple of quilt shops in search for some cool fabric for Iggy Pops, little bags I am making that are selling quite well for yarners or someone just browsing.  Just as a beginning knitter goes into a good yarn shop, my eyes got really wide looking at the prices of fabric.  Now in my defense the fabric I was looking at came from Japan and was stunning.  I envisioned beautiful tops made from the fabric and would consider it, if I had a pattern I really wanted to make.  I love linen fabric and let's just say, I may start sewing some tops once again.  Now back to the bags, I will not be using expensive fabric from Japan unless it is a scrap...sorry!  I did find some really cool fabric though on my hunt.  I was almost seduced into wanting to quilt again, the slow simmering seed has been planted.  I am fighting the urge to just get sucked in.....I have all of the equipment...I saw a beautiful silk quilt that was drawing me in, still in my head...the colors swimming about.....then the reality of Iggy laying on 100% silk, or a drip of condensation from a cup, dripping on the quilt, made me realize I need something more substantial for my home.  I am one of those people that use my stuff, I am not going to make something and store it in a closet...I don't have closets so it is on my couch with the beautiful afghan I wove from Mountain colors Mohair and Wool that darling Iggy has claimed as his comfy blanket, not that he ruined it or has destroyed it but a bad choice of fibers is Mohair, rub it a few times and you have felt.  So today I will be creating!

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