Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jan against machine

What started out as a really good day quickly turned sour.  I took the Igster to daycare and needed to pick up some sour cream for the coffee cake I was going to bake.  Not being a big fan of Pick n Save, but it was right on the way home and with the price of gas, it became an option.  I walked in and went to the dairy case, picked out 3 containers of sour cream and some butter, because I figured if I was going to run out of anything it would be butter.  I walked the mile back to the check out counters and there is no one checking out, no human that is?  So, there are a few customers using the do it yourself lanes and I am not a fan of those either.  I push the Start button and scan your first items is said to me.  I scan a sour cream, dink, it registers, Place item in the bag, I did, place item in the bag, I did, place item in the bag, I DID!!!  Figuring it wasn't going to stop telling me to put it in the bag, I tried to scan another item dink it worked, then another sour cream, nothing, another sour cream nothing.  Then out comes, place item in the bag...again.  I leaned forward and said, I DID!!!  Finally a kid came over and said they are having problems with the machines?  Well then why is no one checking out?  So I said to the kid, I did not start out my day to fight with a machine and he said neither did I .....we were both laughing.

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jolene said...

i try and remember to check the safety seal on the sour cream. more than once have i come home and found it not sealed. that would put you over the edge!