Monday, March 07, 2011

A Small Security and Comfort

A small endearing little gesture, a couple holding hands.  You don't see it so much anymore.  I was in my car and a young couple was crossing the street and the guy put his hand back to lead her across the street with him securely guiding her.  I miss that, it is such a sweet sincere thing.  Sometimes you see older couples walking hand in hand and it just makes me smile.  There is a tenderness when a man wraps his hand around yours and makes you feel so safe.  I remember the first time I held hands with a guy, his name was Peter, he was a little dorky, this coming from the tom boy dork.  We walked to the Zoo with about 10 other kids and he grabbed my hand and my heart jumped.  I looked at his big 8th grade hand encompass my girly hand and I think I can almost still see it.  I feel in love with his hand, it looked so tan and masculine holding mine.  Seriously he was just a body connected to "that hand".   I always liked holding hands.  One bad experience was one Sunday when I was real little we went to church and a lot of men had those gray tweedy dress coats and my dad had one.  I got pushed away from my dad and saw his coat and and grabbed the hand hanging there and then looked up to see it wasn't my dad, sheer panic, but my dad grabbed me and lifted me into his arm and saved me.  They both exchanged laughs but I still remember how panicky I felt.  Good thing it wasn't the pirate or I would have been scarred for life, and that my friends is another story.  The last time I held my boyfriends hand that I remember we were sitting on the couch pretending we at a movie, he was too sick to go anywhere and we had popcorn, soda and a movie on TV.  He was a good hand holder, and I can still see his hand too, it was rough and calloused from Ironwork, but it made me feel so secure.  I am missing him today, a little more than usual.

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