Thursday, March 03, 2011

End in sight?

I really don't want to get involved with this political stuff, I am tired of this bickering.  I understand people are upset, I understand we have problems to fix.
There are so very many things we are never made aware of, until after decisions have been made and the damage is done.  Our State is in financial crisis, as are many families.  So the first thing a family has to cut to try to make ends meet is probably Cable TV, or at least premium channels.  I had to do this and I enjoy my TV, but something had to give.  I am not a martyr in any way, but people are complaining that the parks are going to take a hit.  Well look at it this way, I love my parks like anyone else, if in fact I love it that much there is nothing stopping me from going and planting a million dollars worth of flowers, other than I don't have that kind of money, or mowing some grass.  We can live without "beautiful" parks and they can be regroomed when the economy kicks in.  The land won't disappear, it will go back to what it once was.  I say let the parks go.  Education trumps all of the Parks and Parties.  We need to educate our children and young adults, this also falls on the parents.  I think it was last year that MPS was giving Ipods to students that came and ate breakfast for free. Excuse me did I say that right?  Yes, they want to encourage children to come and eat a free breakfast.  Here is my take on that.  Tough crap!  If you don't want to come and eat, I am not going to bribe you with a steak let alone an Ipod for which you need an account to upload songs and if you are eating free breakfast you don't have the money to buy songs, you should buy food.   What is that about?  Now I do believe that the children shouldn't have to pay for their parents inability to feed them and they should get food at school, but when I was poor, I would buy a loaf of cheap gooey white bread and generic peanut butter, we had to eat it not only for lunch but sometimes supper.  I am not a fan of PB & J to this day, I have had enough.  My son did not get free "anything" at school.  So MPS wastes alot of money and I don't care where it came from Federal whatever, put it to better use, you are not a soup kitchen, educate our children to get better jobs.  Little known fact, my SIL works at  company that sells bags and boxes, here in Milwaukee, Ex Gov Doyle sweetend the pot for an Illionois company to come to Wisconsin to help create jobs, I am not sure of the actual $$ amount but it was let's just say billions.  The company moved across the border in Kenosha and all of the workers commute except maybe 20 new hires.  Now that was profitable for Wisconsin.  How long will it be to recoop that billion?  Instead of working with companies here, we will bring other States companies and their workers over the border and still not create jobs.  They say if you want to fix the fat, ask the little people, the bottom feeders and the low on the totem pole people to find out what is going on above them.  We all are going to feel the pinch, as a small business owner I am feeling the bite, I am not alone and I know this.  I will survive this, but will our State if we don't all do something?  I do not believe in Union busting, but for over 30 years I paid to work, does that sound right?  If I didn't pay my dues, I would not have had a job, I paid into a pension that I am thankfully collecting and my family doesn't or won't have that ability.  If I missed a day of work, I did not get paid, I had no paid sick days, I did not get accumulated sick time.  I only got paid for the days I was at work.  In my Union contract, I paid into my health insurance, my vacation pay, my pension and negotiated raises that were for the last 20 years pretty much defunct.  These items were all negotiated, and called collective bargaining.  If you are Republican or Democratic, or Independent these are all Collective Bargaining units.  I am none of the preceding I am for a fair government.
I read this story many years ago and it has resonated with me forever, think about it.
A Repulican father calls his Democratic, college daughter and asks how she is doing in school.  "oh dad, I am working my butt off, trying to get good grades and I study and I am tired of all of this work, but I want to do well"  the father, I am proud of you sweetie, how is your roomate doing?  "Dad she is partying and having a great time but her grades reflect it, she is flunking."  there was a silence....Honey, why don't you go to the Dean and ask if you could take your A's and give some of that grade to your roomate to bring up her F to a C?  DAD!!  I work hard for those grades, she is out doing nothing, how can you even think that I should do that?   Honey welcome to the Democratic party.
I used to think that I wanted to be a Democrat because of course they believed in Democracy and defended our freedoms like speech etc.  I thought Republicans were affiliated to the Republic of China which I thought was bad.  Now I don't think either, I think Independently for the Right person to do the Job, I don't care what party is, they are all crooked and all have bad ideas and good ideas.  There is an old saying " when you retire you want a Democrat in office because they GIVE so much money away and while you are working you want a Republican in office. I am retired and have not got a break yet?   I just want someone to FIX this mess we are in, I don't care if they are a Factory worker, Millionaire, Nurse, Teacher, let's just all share this hit and  move on to a better Wisconsin, or we will all go down.  Besides I haven't done my taxes yet and I want my refund, if I get one.  I am done and this is the last you will hear from me about this subject.  We need help, we need to all share in the pains.  I don't know what it will take but we need to pay our debts.

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