Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spilling Over

That is the theme this month for the Sketchbook Challenge.  Last month it was "opposites"  I did a portrait profile, kind of like can you see the Old lady and the young girl.  This months theme is perfect, because my head is exploding with spilling over things. I have so much I want to do now that Sheep in the City is behind me.  I bought some beautiful gray alpaca to spin, it will make an awesome beret, or cowl, I do wear cowls.  I have some dying to do to make silk caps for the mitten class, coming soon.  I also have some dying to do for some nuno felting and hope to have a class when it gets a little warmer.  I think it is starting to feel like Spring is in the air.  It just smells like it outside, even though there is snow on the ground it smells like spring.  just a thought!!  So yesterday we go out for our walk and it looks like some furry animal has slept overnight in between my back steps and a trash can.  Iggy is smelling around the steps and I can see furry hair between the dark slot.  For fear that it is a rabid raccoon, or scratchy cat, I pull Iggy to the car and hope that the animal leaves now that we are gone.  I come home from taking him to daycare and it's still there, great, is it dead?  So I stand on the landing of the steps and pull a bag of garbage off the top so I can see it better and maybe it will take off running.  Uhhmm  it was a rice broom, that was bent over, no running away there.  I need some more sleep!!!

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