Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Behind me now

With Sheep in the City behind me, I have been busy getting back into the groove.  I have some loose ends I need to finish.   I have my "Changes" necklace to finish.  I am spinning Quivet, need to finish that.  I bought some Alpaca,  want to spin that.  I have sweaters coming out of my ears and I need to catalogue or put them so I can see what I have to and this is a swear word "Organize" them.  The shop is clean after the show.  I just unpacked my suitcase, and filled the dirty clothes hamper, so that means wash.  I have my new Sketchbook challenge, "Spilling Over"  still thinking about it, I was going to do something with my brain spilling over, I need to think on that one.  Spinning Guild is this Thursday and I am the program, doing Garneted yarns.  So what am I doing?  Making notes..hey I went to visit my mom yesterday and I was laying on her bed watching her knit on a baby blanket she probably started 10 years ago.  It is a fan and feather knit, and it was so good to see her knitting and guess what she knits wrong, she twists her stitch on the purl...LOL  I tried to explain it to her and then I thought, who cares.  She mentioned there is an aide who is expecting and she would like to make this for her.  I told her I am a little embarrassed, here I own a yarn shop and she is knitting on crappy and I mean crappy acrylic.  LOL, she too laughed.  I will have to bring my knitting with me now.  I am going to buy her a shuffle today and put a book on it, so she can listen to a book while she is sitting in her chair.  I think the shuffle is easy enough for her to use, the only button she will need is the big middle one.  I hope.  It was cute, she took forever to get across the row and she said "look how slow I am"  I said when was the last time you knit??  Why do we expect to be so good at something we have not done in Years.  We are our worst enemies aren't we?  I want to go roller skating...can you say broken bones...I used to skate, but I want to do roller derby.  I think it would be great, what the hell am I thinking, I can hardly walk some days.  Our mind still thinks we should do it, but man our bodies say...hell no!!!  Step back and give yourself a break.

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