Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been a while

Can I tell you what a blast I have been having.  I am selling off stuff that I have been dragging around for a while and I put it on Craigslist and cleaning house.  I feel much better, some of this has been a weight around my neck and I am letting go.  I am in a few challenges, one is the Sketchbook Challenge and the other is the Fiber Art Challenge at Fiberwood Studio, the challenge is called "Changes".  I have the last one done, and the Sketchbook challenge is every month, this month is "Spilling over".  I love the fact that I am being expanded to create more and more and I love this kind of challenge.  Now if it were a foot race, I would let you win, these are not winning things, these are just what their name is "Challenges". I am on an endless challenge to clean up and make my basement studio workable.  It is an endless state of chaos, and that is pretty much how I roll.   Try as I might to clean up and organize, my default setting is organized mess.  I am hand knitting a sock from handspun yarn, it has a shaped instep, so it is proving to be kind of weird.  All is well here,  Life is good.

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