Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bad Hair Day?

It is the beginning of a wonderful Holiday weekend!!! It also signals the end of my vacation? Did I accomplish anything this week? Today I did!!! Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!! I made a bowl and an Alpaca beret...a few other little ditties and now I am relaxing or I will not be able to move tomorrow!!! I would like to get some other things made but it is getting hot out. Yes here in Wisconsin it goes from heating to air conditioning in hours. The photo is not a wild attempt at getting my beauticians license, it is a bowl in the process of being made. I did take a photo of the finished bowl but it was real light...I think too much sun? Did I say too much sun? I did dye some mohair locks this week and that I decided to do on a rainy overcast day because it is much easier to cook outside in the rain. Also fiber dries much quicker in the rain!!! I really didn't think so either.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am having a wonderful vacation. I painted my bathroom, which someone please tell me why I have such a hard time picking out paint!!! It looks good on the paint chip and then I put it on the wall and it takes on a life of it's own. I wanted a very pale pink for two walls that would match the wall paper on the other two. I took home all of the chips I wanted and placed them next to the antique looking paper and found the perfect pink..very light and fresh and would make my cheeks look 20 years younger with a healthy glow. Unlike the green I had first thought? haha I paint and as I am applying it, fushia comes to mind. Ok so now I have a hallway that resembles Taco Bell and a bathroom that looks like I am in Miami Florida. I guess I am non parti!!! It has dried and I like it. My little niece and nephew were over for the day and I put up a badge of our day together. I enjoy them so much!!! Tomorrow felting and dying...hopefully not in that order.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where's the sunshine?

I know we are not the only area getting drenched. My heart goes out to the Eastern states that are swimming in floodwater. My only complaint is my lawn is looking like a field and going to seed. Not to mention my feet are getting webbed and I am quacking up. I am gearing up for Art vs. Craft the first show for the season, that will be in June. I am not getting much accomplished due to the final season finales of my favorite shows. With only "Lost" left and Desperate Housewives, this will soon come to an end also. Maybe I will be able to do something . It sure is great napping weather...Come on sunshine!!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

To all my friends, here are some flowers for Mothers Day!!!! We actually caught some sunshine in an otherwise dreary week of rain and clouds. It was a refreshing sight and make you appreciatte the warm rays it shines down. Everyone went home, I had brunch or more like breakfast at my house. It was fun and it's always good to get everyone together. My little black niece and nephew got to have thier first outting to Auntie's house. We let the door open and they ran in and out and had full run of the yard, where the grass is like a field. I bet just like when we were kids, they were asleep in the car around the first turn. Joey (my dog) is also "spent". Poor Tinker the cat got accidentally locked in the basement, banished from petting and affection. He was waiting for me to open the door and came running out, seeking out the litter box with large oversized eyes and bladder. With a wonderful Mothers Day behind me...I am going to take a nap!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Each day when I go to work, I walk into a door to the building that houses my locker room and a shop. Each day I walk up the sidewalk and reach into my bag and pull out my work wallet and swipe my access card. It's a plain brown metal door with a window and I have been doing this for 18 years. About 8:00pm on a beautiful Thursday evening, a young man of 31, took his friends motorcycle for a run, he ended up dead. Somehow he was speeding lost control and ran up on the curb and hit the pole and building and the motorcycle ended up curled into the door opening and he lay dead in the street. Senseless, just a waste of a life. His family has put a Memorial up with flowers and notes. I read them and it made me cry. I don't use that door anymore. What once was a routine has changed for me. I didn't know him, but he changed the way I do things. It isn't just a brown metal door anymore. It's the place where a young guy died....some mother is going to have a very sad Mothers Day. I walk around another way..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Popcorn Galore

Just take a look around....Wisconsin is coming to life!!! Trees are getting leaves and the grass is growing fast!!! Yellow dandelions are all over and this is a photo of my Flowering Crab in the front yard. I keep the Christmas twinkle lights on this tree all year long and turn them on for this premier show!!!! The tree is so full of blooms it looks like popcorn. When the lights are on it looks like a very special tree and people passing will all make comments on how beautiful it is. Which brings me to another blog...I have been reading Yarnstorm blog. I will put a link on the sidebar. This is Janes blog and Jane lives in England, in a beautiful old house with very thick walls and she loves to cook, quilt and read. She also loves look at tulips and go "Old ladyish?" or I should say I looked at tulips and said that but, Jane has taught me that tulips are not just red and yellow, and something that rabbits eat...I am in love with tulips. Also during the Olympics, Betty brought me a boquet of tulips that were stunning. How could I walk past a tulip and not look inside? I have been missing so much...tulips aren't ordinary plain old tulips but they have been hiding a treasure of beauty inside each one. I will not overlook another tulip or any so called ordinary flower again...I promise, I will peek inside each one to see if there is a hidden treasure. Jane loves color and she is a great photographer...I can't say enough about how she inspires me. I told her she may just find me on her doorstep...honest I am not a stalker...unless she has wool and chocolate....wait till you see her baked goods...Not your ordinary baking...she makes every treat a delight...visit her!! but come back!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Answer revealed!!!

I told you we had Fiber Fanatiks and it was a small group, well Betty is knitting this beautiful sweater and she asked me to measure her back to make sure it was long enough. We figured out how long it would be to avoid exposing muffin top. She said "like this?" and lifted her arms really high, and that's when it happened AAAcccckkkk it was white and looked like it had been shot!!!! We all cringed and Karen was gouging her eyes out....Janyce was screaming "Mommy make it stop!!!" Anne was speechless!!! I in turn told her to put some wool in her navel and I'll take a photo of it? She did, so I did!!!! Now....she feels the pangs of shyness.....forget it Betty tooo late!!!! This is just a glimpse of what happens when I get bored or have had too much sugar...Betty was just an innocent bystander.....mmmmm something tells me not too innocent!!!!