Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Answer revealed!!!

I told you we had Fiber Fanatiks and it was a small group, well Betty is knitting this beautiful sweater and she asked me to measure her back to make sure it was long enough. We figured out how long it would be to avoid exposing muffin top. She said "like this?" and lifted her arms really high, and that's when it happened AAAcccckkkk it was white and looked like it had been shot!!!! We all cringed and Karen was gouging her eyes out....Janyce was screaming "Mommy make it stop!!!" Anne was speechless!!! I in turn told her to put some wool in her navel and I'll take a photo of it? She did, so I did!!!! Now....she feels the pangs of shyness.....forget it Betty tooo late!!!! This is just a glimpse of what happens when I get bored or have had too much sugar...Betty was just an innocent bystander.....mmmmm something tells me not too innocent!!!!


Betty Phucket said...

Now, as Janyce, Anne and Karen change back to humans instead of pillars of salt, will some one please stop me next time. Jan I can't imagine what would happen if we spent more time together. It would be great fun I'm sure, I'm also positive we would offend and definitely annoy most anyone who came in contact with us.

Like I said some one please stop me next time!

Spiderlady said...

You are asking an enabler to stop you??? ha ha ha!!! I am an instigator/enabler/attention deficit/goof, and you want me to STOP you...I can't stop myself? We would be a pair to reckon with. But it would be fun!! We would have fun and I stress the WE!!

Janyce said...

First, let me ponder this one, Betty and innocent in the same sentence. Hummmmmm! And now Betty, tell me, if the shoe was on the other foot, would you have stopped me????

Second, these extra activities are what makes us love this group. We are just too fun!!!!!!!