Thursday, May 04, 2006

Popcorn Galore

Just take a look around....Wisconsin is coming to life!!! Trees are getting leaves and the grass is growing fast!!! Yellow dandelions are all over and this is a photo of my Flowering Crab in the front yard. I keep the Christmas twinkle lights on this tree all year long and turn them on for this premier show!!!! The tree is so full of blooms it looks like popcorn. When the lights are on it looks like a very special tree and people passing will all make comments on how beautiful it is. Which brings me to another blog...I have been reading Yarnstorm blog. I will put a link on the sidebar. This is Janes blog and Jane lives in England, in a beautiful old house with very thick walls and she loves to cook, quilt and read. She also loves look at tulips and go "Old ladyish?" or I should say I looked at tulips and said that but, Jane has taught me that tulips are not just red and yellow, and something that rabbits eat...I am in love with tulips. Also during the Olympics, Betty brought me a boquet of tulips that were stunning. How could I walk past a tulip and not look inside? I have been missing so much...tulips aren't ordinary plain old tulips but they have been hiding a treasure of beauty inside each one. I will not overlook another tulip or any so called ordinary flower again...I promise, I will peek inside each one to see if there is a hidden treasure. Jane loves color and she is a great photographer...I can't say enough about how she inspires me. I told her she may just find me on her doorstep...honest I am not a stalker...unless she has wool and chocolate....wait till you see her baked goods...Not your ordinary baking...she makes every treat a delight...visit her!! but come back!!!

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Betty Phucket said...

Jan get a Breck's catalog and you will see some beautiful tulips. I'm leaning toward the wild one right now. I have a variety called Calgary that looks like a rose that is creamy white with yellow accents. It's fun looking in one and seeing an eye looking back at you.