Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am having a wonderful vacation. I painted my bathroom, which someone please tell me why I have such a hard time picking out paint!!! It looks good on the paint chip and then I put it on the wall and it takes on a life of it's own. I wanted a very pale pink for two walls that would match the wall paper on the other two. I took home all of the chips I wanted and placed them next to the antique looking paper and found the perfect pink..very light and fresh and would make my cheeks look 20 years younger with a healthy glow. Unlike the green I had first thought? haha I paint and as I am applying it, fushia comes to mind. Ok so now I have a hallway that resembles Taco Bell and a bathroom that looks like I am in Miami Florida. I guess I am non parti!!! It has dried and I like it. My little niece and nephew were over for the day and I put up a badge of our day together. I enjoy them so much!!! Tomorrow felting and dying...hopefully not in that order.


Spiderlady said...

Hey Judy is that you?

Anonymous said...

hihi jan
its so nice to be talking on line