Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bad Hair Day?

It is the beginning of a wonderful Holiday weekend!!! It also signals the end of my vacation? Did I accomplish anything this week? Today I did!!! Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!! I made a bowl and an Alpaca beret...a few other little ditties and now I am relaxing or I will not be able to move tomorrow!!! I would like to get some other things made but it is getting hot out. Yes here in Wisconsin it goes from heating to air conditioning in hours. The photo is not a wild attempt at getting my beauticians license, it is a bowl in the process of being made. I did take a photo of the finished bowl but it was real light...I think too much sun? Did I say too much sun? I did dye some mohair locks this week and that I decided to do on a rainy overcast day because it is much easier to cook outside in the rain. Also fiber dries much quicker in the rain!!! I really didn't think so either.

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