Friday, June 02, 2006

Is there anybody out there?

Seems I lost the few lurkers that I had? It only reiterates the fact, that I have a very boring life. I could start making things uuuhhhmmm. I just finished knitting an intarsia sweater and also am working on a fishermans knit. When I finish that I will start my new line of baby sweaters, that I wrote patterns for...ehem...In real life...I am working on labels for my felted purses and hats. I made these on the computer with the new fabric/paper. It works and I am happy!!! Tuesday at the Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild I will be putting on a sock machine presentation. with a glitch. I was told that I could use a power point presentation, when in fact, there is not projection equipment to do that. Now I am in the process of having transparencies made from the ppt. program. I think this will cost an arm and a leg? Do I forge ahead or blow it off? These are machines that are hid away in the Smithsonian Institution. I hope my idea works?? Have a good weekend!!!


Betty said...

All you need to do is get some transparencies,a grease pencil and draw some stick sock machines. You know the propaganda person at the guild, maybe she can slip, I mean give you some reimbursement money. It doesn't hurt to ask. Or everyone can gather around your laptop to see the show.

Oh by the way, in my spare time I finished a knee length jacket in seed stitch and a king size lace afghan in gossimer weight on size 0000 needles. I think I'm blind.

I better get my garden in or I'll be eating crab grass for supper.

Sue said...

I, for one, will be anxious to see anything you can show at the GMKG meeting. No matter what, it can't be any worse than other programs they've had.

Lois said...

Hi Janny,
I sure feel like I'm out of the loop. Being gone 3 weeks, then sinus's going haywire when I get back then, Sun waking up with a very nasty infection in my head and winding up in the hospital till Tues, sure makes it hard to keep up with what's going on. I'm still not 100% yet nut, getting there. I do agree with Sue, anything you do would be better than some they have had lately.

Annie said...

Mmm crab grass: it's what's for dinner!

I'm here. I've been reading. Blogger was not letting me comment for a while, I have no idea why. Maybe I was incorrectly typing the fake magic word for non-blogger users? Your errr, well, the hairy ball thing freaked me out. I am curious what the finished product looks like.

Lois: HOLY CRAP! I hope you are feeling way better!