Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Art vs. Craft

That is the it Art or is it a Craft? One may sit for long hours pondering this meager thought and then!! But it would be fun to have you stop by and say hi!! I am booth #79, there are 100 vendors and I am sure it will be fun. Besides it is indoors with Air conditioning. Albeit the logo looks a tad childlike but one year I was stationed next to a couple of girls with dildo covers? It made for interesting conversation, to say the least. I know I have been silent for a bit, but my attentions have been elsewhere. Like figuring out how to become a millionaire in a week. The air conditioner went out on my truck, so the ride home from work on the few 90 degree days we had, simply reminded me of Hooch from Turner and Hooch. I had my head out the window, one to cool down and two to avoid all the hair that was cycloning around the cab. I keep meaning to vacuum that!!! I did find if you drive fast with all the windows open, you can avoid vacuuming it up!!! I also found that any receipts that were stuck in the visor get sucked out too!!! Well stop by and check it out....MSOE Todd Wehr building.


PumpkinGirl said...

Hey! I'm booth 107 out of 100. Go figure! I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Betty said...

I'm leaving for Oregon on Wednesday, whoo hoo, so I've been saving my money for vacation. I'm meeting up with my 4 sisters of which I am the youngest. That in itself doesn't mean much because we are all pushy as my mom says. Hey it takes one to know one ma.

The tornado missed me by five miles. It was breezy by my house and an F1 tornado was ripping roofs off of houses. That's as close as I want to ever be to a tornado. I don't even want to see one in the distance. I'll watch them on tv like the smart people do. Although this brings me to the question of craft vs art. On the news somebody's steel patio chair was stuck in the side of a woman's house far enough to push the dry wall off the inside. It looked like art to me. Go figure.