Monday, October 31, 2005

Katie Gingrass

I am working feverishly trying to get enough hats and purses felted for the big show in November. My hands or rather my arms are toast!! I have a new hat idea that I worked on which will end up looking like a bouquet of felted flowers. I always have to wait till the last minute to get things done. I guess it's working under pressure that really gets the creative juices going!! Hey the response to my blog is overwhelming....that was a sarcastic remark. Get on board and follow the links it's fun reading what everyone is doing.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friday I took a bus trip to Chicago with the WDCC members and we visited the SOFA show at Navy Pier. It was a wonderful trip and the day was awesome for late October. It was sensual overload and the wheels start to turn. There was not a lot of fiber art but some. Lots of glass in all shapes, designs and various techniques. Jewelry to die for and just so much to see and take in. Creativity is a wonderful gift...where the mind goes and how it processes ideas is amazing. I spent some of the day sitting outside on a bench just watching the lake and people milling about. Being that there are so many Artists walking about it was interesting to watch them watch art. It was a good day and a fun trip.

Please help me

I went on a cleaning binge...well it was a must do, not a want to!!! I bought a roast and it bled all over my fridge...partly because I couldn't jam it in straight. So it was tipped and dripped between the glass. This is due to the fact that I just keep shoving stuff into the fridge and I don't even know what is in the back..I am good about fresh stuff but not the jar stuff. I guess I figure if it's pickled's pickled? So in a "had to" moment, I cleaned my fridge...ruthlessly, well shamelessly is more like it. What on earth does one person do with 4 jars of mustard and I don't even like mustard...honey mustard, yellow mustard, poupon and horseradish mustard...aaaaccckkkkk!!! But what I really need help with is BBQ sauce..I had 7 count them seven bottles of BBQ sauce? What is that about...Ok so some were stashed in my pantry which I might add got some deep cleaning too, but 3 were open and I threw one out before deciding I needed help!!! My explanation is this I didn't like it so I just put it back in the food changer fridge....figuring if I didn't like it now, if I put it back it will taste different tomorrow? Hey I never claimed to be sane!! So this is why I didn't knit or spin today!!! Look close next to the Silk there is one huge bottle of mustard left, but it's all clean and sparkly in there. I should never have bought that roast...Oh and how about the pantry...10 bottles of some Chinese cooking crap to make one dish 5 years ago, probably when I was trying to woo some goof...the goof is gone and now so are the ingredients.

I finally think this is working!!! Well getting back to the thick of things...Thursday was Fiber Fanatiks and we had our Halloween party, which amounted to a few costumes, I always wear my costume, so no costume neccessary!! There was a lot of stuff going on, some knitting some weaving on a triangle loom and some spinning by a flapper!! If you're in the area be sure and meet with us...last Thursday of the month.

This is me..well probably younger, but it was the best I could do with the choices I had, and to take off a few years and pounds never hurt anybody!! So I am playing with my options here...bear with me!!!

Trying again

I am trying so hard to get this blogging thing down and every attempt has been futile. I have so much to say and no where to say it? So here I am again trying another avenue!!