Sunday, March 06, 2011

Baby I'm amazed!

Can I just say how much I love music.  I am watching the DVR with Oprah and she has talented kids on.  Lenny Kravitz just came out and is jamming with a teen, like they have played together for years.  How do they do that?  He just gave the kid a signed guitar, what a great gift, what a great talent.  I am one of those people that God did not grant the gift of music to.  My gift is my creative brain/mind and hands, but he did give me the gift of appreciation.  I appreciate music and I am not picky, I love Opera to some Rap and everything in between.  I love the twang of the Hillbilly music my dad loved, I secretly love the backwoods country/bluegrass, to the Black Eyed Peas.  My music collection is eclectic, I love yodeling, and if I hear a Native drum beat my body moves to it.  I love Pink Floyd, AC/DC,  Led Zeppelin.  God gave me the ability to turn on electronics, Ipod, stereo, Pandora and appreciate the music of others.  Don't get me wrong I have tried my hand at playing an instrument, I envisioned myself playing folk guitar on the porch with my  halter top on and ripped jean shorts and wedge sandals.  Oh yeah, my long dark hair swishing around as I sang from my heart, when in fact.  We had no porch, I had a guitar but baby I could only pick, G-L-O-R-I-A  Glllllooooooorrrria, so slow I made it into a waltz.  I don't know what a rift is or a bridge unless it's the thing you drive over.  My dad could blow a harmonica like a star, I blew spit into it and swelled the reeds and made my tongue raw.  I just don't have it.  I love to sing and loud, because the rule is if you sing loud you sing well...LOL  NOT.  So I have the greatest appreciation for music, not mine but for other gifted people that have that talent.  I will stick to what I do best fiber.  It is my passion.  Now to put on some music.

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