Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting it right

From Anderson Cooper to Whoopi Goldberg, people are really tired of being misquoted or construed.  The "Oh I heard you said this or that or they said this or that"  Unless you hear the whole story and don't take it out of context, you can hurt someone with what you repeat.  We as a whole have gotten so rude and mean, but think nothing of it.  Politicians are setting horrible examples of this, quoting one part of a previous speech and playing it over and over and over, and when you hear the whole speech in context it is nothing like what the competition is quoting.  What does this accomplish, or better yet this is why we ALL need to do our own research.  There is a rare quality called honesty, you can find it but it is hard to recognize under all of the lies and embellishing.  We all sensationalize when telling a story but that is just a few adverbs, and doesn't hurt anyone, it just makes things more colorful.
Being honest has it's cost too, the dreaded "how does this look?"  uhhh, remember you can always say, "It is you!"  try to be positive in your critique, regardless, don't lie but search for the right words, it is OK to stop and think about an answer.  Be nice, if someone shows you their knitting, your first judgement might be....ew that is one ugly color arrangement or weird pattern, but look past "what you like"  it isn't yours anyway, you will not be wearing it, so look at how beautifully it is knit and comment on the good stuff.  If we would all encourage one another instead of looking for fault, we would all walk a little taller.  And quit pulling one sentence out of context and passing that crap along, we all have enough to deal with on a regular basis.
@: Overcoming negative tendencies and enhancing positive potential are the very essence of the spiritual path.” 

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