Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh the craving!!

The power of suggestion is such a strong one and I get suckered in on many occasions.  My brother and I were talking about oysters.  He had watched a cooking show and the Southern woman was cooking fried oysters to put in a Po boy sandwich.  He went shopping and $40 later he made two very good sandwiches but not that good.  I didn't get to taste them but he said the woman's  cooking looked much better.  Today I decided after a long workshop weekend with Jacey Boggs which I will blog later, I decided to do minimal running today.  What prompted this running to Outpost was deodorant, Jacey smelled like Nag Champa, she is too young to know what a great Hippy smell that was, right up there with Patchoulli   mmmmmm , I kept smelling it, to the point of her, (and she is very approachable and down to earth) whips up her armpit and says "is it this?".  Why I think it is?  as I grab her beautifully tattoo embellished arm and sniff, yes sniff near her armpit!  Well by Gawd I think it is?  So she showed me the deodorant bottle, an organic roll on.  She prefaced it with, it is very expensive...but if it works and it is natural I am okay with that.  So on my run for deodorant which I did not find and had to order online, I went to the City Market.  I have not been there since it probably opened, how nice it is.  You park for free and hey they have Fried Oyster Po Boys....I am there about 10:30 and they are not open for lunch yet but the guy takes my order, I call my brother who works downtown and tell him I am bringing him Fried Oyster po boy...he is salivating as am I!  I found the best peanut butter chunk cookies at the bakery down there, they have a sample tray and I should say "had"  I did a few walk bys.  I had a cup of coffee and waited, I did buy bread, that was still warm....OMG!  I went to the Cheese Market but was being blocked by two woman that kept stepping in front of the cart and I just could not get away from them and knowing how crabby I am today I wanted to ram them with my cart and tell them get the hell out of the middle of the aisle.  I left that area.  I went an picked up my Po boy order, and left, I drove to where my brother was working, and dropped off his sandwich, we were both smiling like cheshire cats.  I am two blocks away and the phone rings, I am thinking he was overcome with glee at the wonderful sandwich...but.....I answer to _uck em shuck em...we got Shrimp not oysters!  What?  are you kidding me?  he says check yours so as I am driving, I look and I should have said nope mine is oyster but I was so disappointed I said "mine too"  Even though it was good, it was not fried oysters....I am staying home and napping before I kill something, or someone.

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