Sunday, July 05, 2009

I am a Mother in Law

I really do hate that word, I relate it to two terrible woman in my life. Well before I was married they were very nice, in retrospect almost too nice, behind that smile and comforting hand was a knife. Seriously two marriages and two bad MIL's. Further more, after the first one who's name was Sarah Jane, I said I would never marry anyone who's parents were still alive. I was not going to deal with that again, I married momma's boy and he had not left the teat. Then I met another arse, and his mother was so sweet and good to me, till we got married??? What is that about? I wish she would not have let me get to that step, but it started on the wedding day......of course never in front or around him. Turns out the two of them were like a gypsy traveling con show, one lied and the other would steal. But the scary part was she like to be called Settie???? Her other name was Jayne, the kicker came when I found out her real name was .....eeeeek eeeek eeeeek ( picture the shower curtain scene in Psycho) Sarah Jayne......just kill me now.
Well it is my turn, I vowed when I was going through life with them which by the way was short lived, that I would never be like that. I won't, I don't understand how it happens, My son and his wife, just got married July 2nd, in Copenhagen, Denmark. My head is still on right it is not pivoting and revolving around and I am not spewing green??? I don't feel any different, I don't feel she stole my son from me, he picked her? She is a very strong woman, she has her opinions and I like that in her, I know where she stands. She would not be the type to be intimidated, not that I would, but she is comfortable in her own skin. Best of all she is in Love with my son? They play well together, they have the same likes, and she comes from a wonderful family, that loves my son. She is not a high maintenance, how do I look person, she is a natural beauty. I am excited, I just wish there was another name instead of Daughter in Law, I think I am just going to call her my daughter, it is easier and that is how I want to treat her, not like it was some legal transaction, well it kind of was, but she loves me son, who could ask for more.


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KnittyLynn said...

Congrats! I love that, calling her Daughter. That's a good thing. :)

JANYCE said...

Hey, I think she is getting the best mother a girl could ask for!!!