Monday, August 03, 2009

Be still my rage

Breakfast with me mum at Cafe Hollander Wauwatosa, but they don't have the Hot Mess that they offer on weekends, you have got to try it!!!!
Man I hate to shop in stores!!! People are getting so disconnected with what is going on. They don't want to move out of anyone's way and it is just sad. I did some digging at Goodwill looking for sweaters to felt, and what is it with me and touching stuff that is dirty and then my eye itches and I have to itch my eye with my bacteria coated finger and it won't stop!!!! So I am embedding germs right into the eye socket waiting for some virus or something to germanate....I touch hand rails on escalators and my eye itches so rub it into the eye.....Ok so I left Goodwill with a sweater, a nice young man held the door for me which restores my faith in humanity.....that is till I go to Wally World!!!! What a zoo, you need not have a passport to travel anymore just go to Wally world (Walmart) I think there were three of us that spoke something that resembled English....I ask a clerk for a wallpaper brush and he snorts and walks into a different aisle so I try to follow him but am playing chicken with a woman headed for a sale or something free in the same aisle, and the clerk gives me a ...are you coming??? With eyes wide open and armed with a shopping cart, I said "Excuse me? I didn't want to run over another customer?" and he goes OK??? OK????? so from now on my shopping is going to be precursed with a Valium or Qualude or some sort of distancing drug of choice. It is very stressful to go shopping. I think the only place I love to shop is Sendiks, it is calming and everyone is nice and I don't even like grocery shopping but everyone is nice. Is that hard to do??? just be nice...!! That is where little shops like mine excel, personal nice people, well that is unless I just came home from shopping at Wally World. I think I am getting a sore throat,,,darn Goodwill.

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Janyce said...

And you didn't stop to see me!!! Ya, how about that hot mess??? Leave it up to you to smell that one out.