Sunday, August 09, 2009

LIttle Pockets

Little pockets, little pockets, little pockets and they're all small like credit cards and they make all our big arses, look bigger just the same. (sung to the tune Little boxes)
What the heck is going on, I bought some hanging around t-shirts, and the pockets on a shirt the size of a bed sheet are the size of credit cards, looming over my breast? Can you say mini pocket? Then you look at jeans and they do the same thing, little pockets, on large size jeans, this is not flattering, it looks like a flea on an elephant. Now I don't say bigger pockets are flattering either, but come on...pockets are standard size for putting wallets into and other handy little things, how can you use a pocket just for one credit card? Is there a quota for material usage, OK this is a huge butt we are covering we will save money and put a tiny pocket on the butt. Another thing is why all of the ornate stitching on the butt pocket, I do not need a neon sign back there saying "Hey look how large I am???" Put the small pockets on small people, it looks stupid when the waif girls pockets touch both the side seam and the back seam of the jeans too and that is one pocket. Funny thing is, at work one day we had a big mirror above the sink in our locker room and I was changing clothes and was in my undies and ran to go pee and caught a glimpse of something big and white behind me...where did that come from???? When did that happen???? Careful ladies it sneaks up on you and then BAM there it is....big butt syndrome, with little pockets!!!! I think I may go back to sewing!!!!

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annie said...

you crack me up!
As a girl with a big back yard of her own I have been deeeeelighted to occasionally find jeans with pockets that are sized and placed in a thoughtful manner for us with the big butts.
So you know they were only offered for one season.