Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do these glasses make me look taller????

I rarely take my glasses off when I go for a walk, but in the rain the last couple of days it was a choice between looking through raindrops on the glass, or no glasses!!! I can see far like an eagle but close has gotten even farther! So when I take my glasses off to walk, I feel short, so I put them on and I walk taller!!! How could this be??? When I was working we all got bifocals at about the age of 40 and we were all walking like Trigger the horse counting his age. We would put one foot out and test the water, then put our foot down gently and hope to land on it. We were all laughing at each other because of course we were in the same boat. So now, I keep my glasses on when I walk so I feel like the taller version of myself!!!!

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