Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fiber excitement

Well as you know I am working on Wisconsins only Fiber Salad Bar that starts in September!!!! I am getting some totally awesome items for the will be fiberlicious!!! I am waiting for a sample packet of silk stuff, cocoons, rods, and waste, in colors and some needing to be colored!!!! I will also have different items to add to your batt for spinning not just for making the batts. This is going to be so fun!!! This is my greatest pleasure is spinning, fun funky yarns that are eye candy!!! My flea market skein has lace pieces and metal and pieces of jewelry and coils of springs and so much more, I love it. I probably can wear it as it is....Then the other one I did with died cocoons, that I call Bella Donna, has to be knit from the skein winder because there is no way you can put it into a ball!!!!! Meanwhile as I am laboring away at all these ideas, Igster is next to me showing off his pride whatsoever. Taking in the sunshine.

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