Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snuck up on me

It was early this morning and I took Iggy for his usual walk duty call. I was walking on a normally desolate sidewalk and he kept looking off toward the sunrise. Feeling that I too may be missing a beautiful sight I zoned out looking east too, and there she was a jogger almost ran me over and then got tangled in Iggys leash. I jumped in a panic and she kind of sighed??? There is a code among most people coming on on someone unsuspecting, it's called "excuse me" or "behind you" Waitresses use this and polite people not wanting to scare someone use it. She had her headphones plugged in so I guess that entitles utopia. I never heard her coming, I must be getting old. Not to mention the guard dog never once looked towards her, she was a light foot. Unlike if I were a runner, you would be sure to hear me clompping along, which brings me to a funny story. It is much better told in person because you need the visual. My son and I were going to brunch after a show, he suggested outdoor seating and I thought it a great idea, so off we go and park directly south of the seating but 1/2 block away. We were walking and all of a sudden my toe got caught on a raised piece of sidewalk, now everyone reading this will go, "Oh I know what that is" . I was a gonner, my feet were traveling about 1/2 a nano second behind my body, which was now horizontal to the ground from my waist up, to help get my balance I had my arms extended like the biggest Canadian Goose you can imagine. As I flew past my son he heard me coming with this clop clop clop of my birkies slapping the concrete, he looked at me in complete amazement and said I didn't realize you were in such a hurry! by the time he finished I was almost to the diners, and looking for a soft place to land....clop clop clop resonates in my head to this day!! I pulled back like a 747 taking off the runway and never fell. I was embarrased to say the least and I was sure everyone was looking. I said 'do we have to eat here?" my son said not if you don't want to, but, you looked pretty excited there for a moment!!" I wonder who raised him?

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Mary Kay said...

Thanks for the deep belly laugh! I will smile all day thinking of your head first entrance to brunch. So glad you keep it vertical enough! Would lose the humorous edge if you fell. Thanks for the vivid and clever description.