Saturday, August 15, 2009

Am I wrong???

I have a question for you? If I buy a sandwich and ask for extra bacon, I have to pay for it...right? I understand that one, but then how come when you say "No bacon" you pay the same?? Just take your two little fingers, and pick it off, and don't charge me more??? Take off the amount you add when I ask for more bacon?? and I know you are touching my food otherwise. so don't pull it's not sanitary, heck I really don't want to know what you do to the food. This same rules apply for drinks....a customer came in and was upset about having to pay $7.00 for a beer at a local restraunt, I said in all of my wisdom, "dont' drink beer there?" sooooo big mouth here goes to the same place and it's hot and I don't drink alcohol beverages but love stuff that kind of tastes different than soda or juice and makes me look all adult. So I order a no or as I call it faux mojito. They use ice, simple syrup, mint,lime and seltzer, that's it, no booze to pump up the cost to sky high rates, ....just simple syrup (bar suger liquid) mint (grows on roadsides) Lime (imported from Pick n save) seltzer (comes out of the soda gun) NO blender, no cutesy umbrella, maybe a slice of lime garnish!!!! $7.00??? I should have asked for the shot of rum in a glass to give to someone that would at least get a small buzz off of it. So to Sherry, don't drink faux drinks there either!!!!!! My bad!!! I should have asked for less ice, so I had more liquid. That's life
Have I mentioned the fact that I am on a quest for a Margarittaville machine....this is a really dumb quest and pretty much a "I hope this will pass idea" Once again I make all of these fun drinks to cool off in the summer and one of my favorites is Swamp Juice, a blend of Lemonade, Limeade, Orange, Grapefruit and I love crushed ice in it. It is a really refreshing drink instead of just Lemonade. I was watching QVC (I know) they had on this Machine that you put the ice in a hopper at the top and on the bottom is a real blender, so it crushes the ice and blends the drink all in one swoop!!! I held my finger from speed dial and took a deep breath and imagined all of the drinks I could make, Italian sodas and slushies and fruit smoothies and it has all of these setting you see, so the ice is smashed accordingly. To the tune of almost $400 smackeroos, oh but I can justify it, here is how....I can use it in the shop, it's summer we can all have a slushy, we can make Margaritas and on and on and then I got a hold of myself....self I said, NO....where for one would I set up this monster??? Who will clean this cutie? Who will carry ice to fill this nice little hopper???? So needless to say I am still using my one cube at a time ice crusher??? But I keep looking, I have found a close second at Target for $200 but it only has one setting...yeah baby I want the deluxe...over the top, never use all of the settings one.
OMG wait till you see the beautiful silk spinning stuff I got to make funky yarns!!!! The colors are to die for....for all of you non spinners it's going to make you want to spin....honest!!f


Janyce said...

Ha!! This one made me laugh. Mental image, my friend the gadget queen. Think small, what about the Magic Bullet?? I thought that did everything including the laundry.

Just 4 Ewe said...

Ahhh yes my little magic bullet, but do you realize the capabilities of the ice HOPPER!!!! Then for more torture it was on QVC again and cheaper and I still didn't buy it, I am so proud.....or sick one of the two.