Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Counting our blessings

I am truly blessed by all of the people I meet. I am lucky to ask someone "How are you?" and I actually have the time to listen to their answer. I am someone that must come across as "approachable" well with the hair and all I guess I don't look, withdrawn and conservative. I was in Target the other day and a group of young boys said "hey cool hair" I said thanks and that opened the conversation to "hey wanna see a card trick?" sure, even though I hate, I mean hate magic, only because I can't figure it out for the life of me..LOL. So he showed me his trick and then another and they were good, then the little brat said, "so do you think that is worth a buck?" I lowered my voice and said to him, I really do think it is, but if Target catches you panhandling in their store they will kick you out!!! They themselves did a disappearing act!!!! I thought that was pretty funny!!!
So this Thursday is our Spinning Guild, I really enjoy this group. We have all levels of spinners and they are hungry to learn anything someone can show them. It is good when you can learn, when I take a class and everyone knows my spinning Guru is Judith McCuin McKenzie, I am quiet and sit like a sponge. I know it is hard to believe I can sit with my mouth shut, no wisecracks, and really absorb all I can. I am a lucky type of learner, I can see it and do it, that is unless it's math or bookwork? Now for the photo, that would be me...when I am in a nursing home, I will knit for sex, by that time, I will have forgotten how anyway...to knit that is.

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