Monday, August 17, 2009

My beloved goes home to Apple

What am I to do, I really hadn't realized how addicted I was to my baby laptop. You see while I am in the quiet of my real life and behind the scenes of the shop, I am still working. I jot down creative thoughts, ideas, lessons and more. I write stupid blurbs about my life. I play Mai Jong or this other Amazon Expediton or something like that. I cruise, peruse and lurk, other blogs. I may have to turn on TV.... I know I will reach to my left side to feel the smoothness of his skin, next to me on the couch, the security of his presence, only to find the rough cloth of the arm on the sofa. PS I finally can bring him back to the couch after little Iggy ate the connecting cable, right after I brought him home. I will miss my little Apple. They told me he could return, as early as this week.....oh please tell me it's true!!! How quick we become engaged with a computer. Whenever I have a question about something, I turn to the net. This is the heartstopper, I may not be able to just kidding, I hate cooking anyway so that is a good excercise, I actually do lift the laptop from the couch to my lap, does that count as lifts???? Oh well it will be back before I know it...I hope!!!! I can't wait to see what I forgot to backup!!! Yes I did say back up !!!!
That photo is not my laptop , mine has not picture, mine has nothing but darkness, no sound, like a black hole......

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