Thursday, August 06, 2009

So much fun!!!

When I was very little, the first memory I have is playing. I love to whole life revolves around playing and make believe. I used to get up and go to school and during school I was planning on what I was going to play at recess and then after school. My neighbor and I went to school together so we would hatch extensive scenarios about, he was an airline pilot and would sit on top of the picnic table and I was the stewardess and my place was under the table??? We flew all over the World on that green picnic table. We were going to get married and that was the way it was to be. We were explorers in Winter to the North pole in our warm winter clothes and tent poles were our walking sticks. We rode horses on my wooden horse in the back yard, I would sit in front of him just like in the movies. I don't know what set off the event we would be creating, we didn't watch much TV. Maybe it was a new piece of clothing, like a cowboy shirt, neither one of us were fashion plates? When I got older, I managed my life by trade offs. I could play if I did some crappy job first. Clean house, play after. In small increments I always got things done. This is how I live. I do bookwork and then I can play, so today, I got my end of the month bookwork done and made soap!!!!! I found sheep molds and yarn molds and alas another adventure. I dug out all my old soap making stuff and soap is cooling as I write. Now not being a patient waiter, I poured and walked away, far away, so that I don't go poking my fingers in the cooling soap. I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to paint, glue and any thing that is attempting to dry!!! I am not patient, I have to test it...just a little touch...very softly and then bloop....I make a mess. So I am barred from the studio, till the shop opens, I think it will be cool by then!!!! I can hardly wait!!!

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