Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not Politically Correct

I am a small business owner. I do own everything in my shop, other than the building which, the bank and I are working on. I have business decisions to make and one of them is I pay cash for all of my purchases. I know this means that I don't have all of the size needles you need all the time, or the huge inventory of stock that some shops may have, but I do have peace of mind. I do not have wolves knocking on my door. There is a lot of buzz about the wholesalers not getting their money from shops struggling to pay thier bills. Shops all over America are closing and it's very sad!!! I have not gotten a buy out from the government, but then again I have not made poor business decisions and I don't carry the cadillacs and hummers of yarn, I carry what my customers can afford to buy on a regular basis. I don't buy into the exotic, I am more interested in classics. Behind the scenes I work hard at making my business work, while making it fun. I want to keep enjoying what I do. I am not getting one of those checks that let's me go to spas and resorts and celebrate the fact that others are funding my screw ups. If my customers buy, I buy. It's an in and out kind of business, so in a way we all are a part of this business, without you, I have nothing. It also means if I close the doors, everything in this shop is mine and paid for. So I listen to each of you and what you want. So why can't big business's? Why were auto makers still making gas guzzlers when all the consumers knew we were headed for a gas crunch, we knew why didn't they?? Now, we are giving them more money to buy clunkers? The dealers/ auto makers are getting help increasing their sales, with a bring in your piece of crap car and we will help you buy a brand new one. Where is this money coming from? What about us little businesses, no I don't want any money, I will be fine, but there are other business's that need help. I do not have a degree in business management, I am the first one to say I do not like bookwork or business junk, how come, I can run a business, not owe any money and am holding my own??? I did not learn how to do this during my apprenticeship as a Steamfitter. I understand the automotive companies employ 1000's of workers and small businesses employ a few, but why should they be punished. If we have so much money let every business get a piece of the pie accordingly, help out the little guys!!! I have never been a fan of Ford, but I applaud them for not taking any money from the government!!!! Ford is the patriarch of autos and are doing something right!!! Hats off to the business's that make good decisions and they can hold their heads up high. And thanks to all of you for your support in keeping Just 4 Ewe and my dream alive and well.

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