Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confessions of a Crotch Knitter

All you addicts, I want you to watch something. Be aware of how every knitter holds their yarn and needles different!!! I have always been a huge propronant (i think that is a word) of doing what you want. Hold the needles with your ears but make the right stitch. For years I have had a label of not knitting right!!! I do knit right, just not like you or her or him. I learned to knit when aluminum 30" needles were the rage, well maybe not that long but when you are a little kid with short arms they might as well have been. Out of sheer frustration of trying to hold the long slippery needles and keep one needle from flying out of the stitches and bound and determined I would knit, I shoved one needle between my legs. I distinctly remember sitting on the couch next to my mom and so wishing I could knit like her. Her grace, her poise, her two long needles whipping close to my face and her not wanting to stop to show me how??? So I took it upon myself to knit, you see my mom was the kind of person that strived for perfection, I am sure I drove her crazy with my woohooo, laxidasical ways. Whatever is clever and works is fine with me. So I developed my own method, and knit off of one needle, this was NOT the right way to knit, it works for me??? So never changing my habits I became the Crotch knitter, oh yes, I could hide my placement of the needles quite well, propping it on a purse or gathering the yarn around the needles so as not to allow visible placement...oh and I do NOT put the needle in my crotch, but between by crotch and knees, mid thigh I believe is the proper word. With those huge aluminum needles it became the right height to knit off of. I am straying away from public crotch knitting but it does validate alot of knitters frustrated with holding two needles in mid air. I do it more in the privacy of my home, I knit very fast this way and make better time. I now call it proper picking, you see I don't throw my yarn either I pick. So when you are knitting, look around and you will see no two people knit alike, I love this, we have each developed our own method, and who is it hurting? So even if you think you are partaking in a universal craft, you are also doing it your own ewenique way!!!!

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