Monday, August 17, 2009

The lights went out!!

My blogging is now limited to my main computer. What this means is when I get this sudden urge to tell a story, I won't. My laptop which is my left hand companion in my home, turned black. I opened it and it was black , no sound to start up no nothing, the battery is charged...nothing. I did all of the finger aerobics that they suggest the push control, command and p and r, that requires fingers like ET? Nothing happened, I almost cried....good news, it is under warranty and Apple is great about that. Apple ranks high in my book, so this morning at 10am I will be standing at the door with my silver friend under my arm...hoping it was something stupid, something I did inadvertantly?? I really don't think so .....
My shop stinks, like a cross between stinky socks and poop!!! I have been hunting it down and nothing is coming up till last night I realized I got a shipment of 1 kilo of silk cocoons and silk waste....uuuhhhhh that is it, in that quantity it stinks, so I am also picking up a rubbermaid air tight container to box in that stink.
You see today was my day to stay home after taking Iggy to day care, they picked up my old loom and now I can open my new loom....I have to do the old rearranging, and juggling and keep the junk from filling in, but the World has a way of saying, go take a bath and get ready to do errands. Shucks!!!

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