Friday, August 07, 2009

Bathing alone

This photo is NOT me!!! It was just too hilarious to pass up not sharing. But on that note, I have a secret little ritual Friday mornings. Friday is Puppy daycare and Iggy goes twice a week, he Loves it and he is so excited to go it is funny. So we get up and I quietly do the happy dance inside and I pack his lunch like a good mom. Off we go and I take him in and he is pulling to get into the door, I say goodbye and I leave and get into the car and make a mad dash home. Then the secret ritual begins, turn on a little opera, light some candles and draw a bath....mornings are not my favorite bath times but this one is special. I have bubbles and soap and no fur kid trying to climb in the tub with me. I lay back and relax, without risk of the added body in the already full tub. I close my eyes and savor the moment. I take my time and soak in all of the warmth of the water and Patchoulli bubbles and I am not being watched, my washcloth does not get stolen, my shoes stay where I put them, my towel is not getting jumped upon. I am not keeping one ear on the other rooms wondering what he is eating. I am relaxing, I don't want it to end, but the water is cooling and I am shriveling and getting alligator skin and it's time to open the if you come in and I'm all shrively and like jello, you know it's FRIDAY!!!!!

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