Friday, August 28, 2009

Life's Gauge

You know, we are all very busy, some of us have busy stressful jobs. Some of us are raising families and have the pressures that go along with that. Some of us are doing Charity work and running ourselves silly. Do you know that your life is not gauged by how busy you are and how many minutes in a day you are involved in work, sports, hobbies, family etc? Did you know that this is as stressful as a 60 hour work week? Did you also know because you have stacked each minute of the week with "stuff" it is you that have taken this upon yourself and not someone else? So you shouldn't act like it is their fault you have to run, run run. I don't know what our lives are gauged on in the end, but I am quite sure it isn't how much pressure you have endured, that is the Martyr syndrome. I grew up with the martyr syndrome, not me, I think I learned through childhood survival tactics that if you want to be a matyr that is fine, it is not my gig. I am still in the learning process of saying "No" not in a mean way, but as a survival method!!! Yes you can use No as a survival technique, it really can save your life, a simple no. This is applicable in almost any situation, like.....Can you join this group, we need to suck your brains out of you and help better ourselves.....that would be a "Sorry no" Can you help our group solicit for ........,,,mmmm no although I am very supportive, sorry I just can't
Once you get into the habit it is much easier to pick and choose if you wish, and wish is such a wonderful word!!! Wishing is a fun word....I wish I could, I wish I were...I wish I didn't join the bowling team and pool league and spread myself so thin, that I am ornery. We need to take time to breath, take time to play, take time for your family, not for babysitting for socializing. Our lives get so pumped full of time suckers that we need to stay home and read a book, watch TV, or a Movie, listen to an opera, now when was the last time you lit your candles, made yourself a drink of choice, turned the lights down low and turned on some classical relaxing music and put your feet up and relaxed, no conversation, just the sound of music....picturing the ochestra playing thier instruments, drawing the bow on a violin, cello. Your life is your responsibility and it will pass you by before you know it. Take time to play and relax, it is good for you and it will make you happier to face the day!!!
Warning: The relaxing thing can become addictive, I love to do fun relaxing Janny things, I am special and I deserve it, and so are you!!!! I love my addiction

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Anonymous said...

I "ran" in too see what you have been up to, pick up some craft and breeze through......after reading your thoughts I think I will take a deep breath, step out to the porch and look as some of the clouds passing by on this breezy chilling August day. Thanks for the kind words of expression as well as oommon sense....Leather :)