Thursday, August 13, 2009

My life as a dog

Have you ever followed a puppy when it is on a walk? They kick up their heels and sniff the air and are happy about everything. When I walk Iggy it makes me smile, everything is a happy dance for him. He may be sniffing rotten apples, eating all kinds of stuff off of the sidewalk, whatever he does he is Happy!!! His little butt wiggles with excitement and a butterfly goes flitting by and he spots it, his tail starts to wag and he is thrilled. Simple pleasures, I want to be more like Iggy. I do take pleasure in simple things but life has a way of bringing me back to earth. I want to to be Iggy, he is the yarn shop dog, so he hangs around yarn and fiber and people hold him and pet him and he rolls on his back and gets belly rubs, not sure I want one of those, but...for the most part he really lives a great life....why can't we be more like dogs. Joy abounds!!!!

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