Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have just spent the morning doing trial and error to upload a photo backround for Twitter. Oh yeah just about the whole morning. I finally thought hhhhmmm google how to do it and voila!!! done!!! Isn't the internet wonderful, when it isn't sending you Penis enlargement stuff and hot babes that really want me, junk. It sometimes takes a lot of computer time to keep up with pushing your product or yourself. I wish I could afford to hire someone but that isn't happening and it really keeps me up to date on what is going on, also there is no depending on someone else to do your updates. I am so excited about the fiber bar that is to start in September. You can come in, mix up some fiber salad with all sorts of stuff, glitz, mohair, silk use the drum carder,make your batt and then top off the batt with some Special Croutons of silk cocoons, toy cowboys, noodles, silk rods, springs and so much more. You will be making a one of kind batt. Join in the fun, if you don't spin you will want to.

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