Sunday, August 24, 2008

Na woo chi, ne ou kin

We are all winners!!!! Some of us, finished some came close and some are waiting till the next Olympics!!!! We had closing ceremonies in the shop today. We got to see all of the projects...There was Erin, she finished her sock, her first sock, and it was beautiful and with no help, her next challenge is to finish it's mate. Lois was working on the mitered square mittens, let's just say, she has what looks like a hand cast done Angela, is making yet another part of the bathing suit she has the bottoms the way these are patches for the bottoms. Charlie finished a beautiful shawl using Kims, pattern, it is made with handspun, and it shimmers like it has beads on it. Martha, is working on a block for her teachers at Knitting camp in Hooterville. Patty did her first cables, in a scarf pattern of Kim's too!!! Me, I have made peace with this lace pattern, peace does not mean I have to like it, but we won't fight anymore...I am not done, but I am over half way done and I will finish it.....that's another blog. We ate Chinese food and hey I just thought of it, there were no fortune cookies!!!!!! I will have photos of the medal ceremonies in the Newsletter.

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