Sunday, August 03, 2008

Traveling Scarf Chaos

Can you say cram 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound get the picture right???? Well put 12 anxious knitters in the shop to make Travel Journals, with paper, scissors and glue and I lost total control. The glue was being weilded with great abandon....there were schnipples of paper all over, most was on the table...but see that photo above. You know how you go to a restaurant and there is a family with a little kid that has made a total mess on the floor??? You know you have seen it...well that photo up there???? Martha.....Martha was sitting in that spot with all the stuff on the floor...and we found out something else....Martha has a sticker fetish...oh yeah....Everyone is done with their journals and Martha's little book weighs 10 pounds because she has every sticker in sight on her book. Just kidding Martha, but we did get a good laugh about the floor!!!
I think everyone left with a puzzled look on their face trying to figure out what exactly it is we are supposed to do???? I can only hope that we get some resemblance of scarves when they come the way...Lois is the first one done with her 7"....anyone on her team done yet??? Have a good weekend..oh it's Sunday....tomorrow is my day to run errands.


Weaver said...

Now, I told #4 not to make a mess :) I wish I could have stopped back in to see the books all finished and beautiful. Travel well, scarves!

Anonymous said...

Moi? Sticker fetish? Messy? My dear Janny, you are SORELY mistaken!!! Some journal rat must have dropped litter at my spot... It couldn't have been me. Nah. I'm so organized...

Seriously, it was a blast. More fun that a barrel of 12 monkeys. Thanks, Janny.