Sunday, August 17, 2008

I can do this....

It is the half way point of the Olympics today...I should be starting my second skein of yarn for my lace scarf, I am behind. It just so happened that I turned on the games today and even though I am not a tennis fan, I do recognize the Williams twins, I think that is their names, Serena and Venus? well any American knows who I am speaking of. I watched as I did my usual knit rip routine....they won the Gold and I cried. I cried when the raised the American Flag and played the Anthem. What is it, that touches the Patriotic Spirit with that song? I don't know if it the fact that I am proud to be an American and my heart goes out to the Chinese that are so persecuted? I am not in agreement with the Chinese holding the Olympics, but I still support the Athletes....sometimes we have to leave Politics behind and see the History of the games and what it means to the people that participate. So the twins won the doubles tennis match and they were wouldn't think so with all of their medals but they won the gold as sisters. So this has inspired me to keep going on the lace scarf....I can do this, I have no competition, just me...I thought it would get easier but I still knit and rip at least every other pattern sequence. So yes Lace knitting is not for me, but I can do this and I can finish this....hopefully in another week.

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