Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ban photos of knitters!!!!

Yes you read that right!!! I say there should be a ban of photographing women knitting!!!! Think about it? Can you say double chin, chin, chin? We look down when we knit, we look into our laps. I was looking through the photos of Sheep in the City and when someone was diligently knitting, even thin woman.....hhhmmm not a flattering photo. (I do try to pick photos of a kinder side) So unless we figure on how to knit up in the air, we will be unphotographic. So I here by suggest that when a knitting photo is to be taken, we Raise our needles!!!!! Hold your needles high in the air and more double chins!!!!! So when this catches on around the World, we as knitters will understand the reason, knitters are holding thier needles high!!!! It will be the universal knitters picture pose!!!! Now for those flappy arms????

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