Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Whew!!!! What a ride!!!!

Where to begin??? If you didn't get to Sheep in the City, you missed a great time!!! There was something going on all the time and no fires!!!!! Everything went smooooooth. The only glitch was my first night in a hotel??? Not used to the finer things in life apparantly I was freezing in my room, I woke up at 3am and was cold, me cold....I went looking for another blanket and resorted to pulling up the germ encrusted bedspread, (actually they are duvets and mine was a fresh one, that't my story and I'm sticking to it.) so time to get up and I want to shower so I go turn on the timer heater in the bathroom and run the hot water, and sit on the toilet where it is warmer. Then I walk around the room looking for something warm, go back into the bathroom and decide to shut the door and take a nice warm shower, now mind you, that timer has been running on the heat lamp for about 10 minutes. So into the shower I go and start to shower and off goes the heatlamp which of course was my only source of light too!!! I step out of the shower and got a surprise drop, the floor was lower than I thought but it was dark so who knew. While after all of that I was over by the door looking for heat directions and low and behold it has an energy control, you have to put your room key into the light switch by the door to make most everything work!!! So with icicles hanging off of me, I figured it out!!!

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Sandy in California said...

Okay, I never figured out the energy control thing but there was an extra blanket in the drawer and I had a total of 8 pillows. Pillow anyone? I'm so glad I found out about Sheep in the City!! Next year I'm going to try and stay awake for the pajama party. Also, knitting at the store was a blast!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome. I've never won anything!!! I can't to see what it is.