Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can you spot Iggy?

When I take Iggy to daycare twice a week, I am so happy to watch him walk into the back playroom. I am not so happy that he could care less about me but that his tail is wagging and they are doting over him. He loves it there, he plays with other dogs and chases balls, his most favorite thing. They do such special things and they have people working there that actually love the animals. Imagine my surprise when I walk into the daycare and Tia that works there says "I have a game for you to play" really, ok I can do that, she says "it's up here." I step up to the counter and there is a photo of four Westies, she says "can you pick Iggy out?" hhhmmm it was tough but I saw his collar. Their hair was all the same length and some are related, and they are so cute. I was so excited and then she gave me a photo of them. I asked her how she got them all to line up, she said they wanted me to kick the tennis ball...LOL Now you tell me where else do you get that kind of a staff. Gail is always keeping things exciting and has no problem stooping down to dog level and getting a face full of doggy kisses. I highly recommend Central Bark in Franklin on 60th and Ryan rd. It is always a surprise when you go there. One time they had a "banana bread cook off" the staff all made their favorite recipe and we tasted them and voted. It was a win win for me!! Cinco de Mayo, we had salsa and chips. They have birthday parties for their patrons and one time they had a "best listening dog" yeah we won't discuss that one. I just enjoy the whole crew over there, but this photo, warms my heart!! Thanks Central Bark
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